Nursery Furniture

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Cherry Rocking Cradle - One of my proudest accomplishments here.  Solid cherry is the wood I chose for this rocking cradle that I made for my first born son.  This is the first place that he slept after he and his mother came home from the hospital and I am very proud to say that I made it.  My nephew used it next, then my niece and then my second born son.  A family heirloom is what I wanted to create, and so far it has been used by four members of my family.


Black Walnut Toy Box - If you have children, you know how many toys they get, and this is where SOME of them go.  Solid black walnut sides joined by through dove tails with an aromatic cedar drawer below.  Someday it could easily be converted to a cedar chest for blankets and pillows.


Cherry Dresser - This cherry dresser is in the nursery.  We needed a "changing station" for the children, but we did not like the style of the store bought variety.  This dresser works perfectly.