Chess Set

Designed by Ed's Woodwork, LLC - Pleasant Prairie, WI

Black walnut and white ash boards.

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Cut into thin strips and laid out for initial glue up.

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Into the clamps they go.

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Then I cross cut the first glue up and flopped every other strip around for the second glue up.  My Dewalt biscuit jointer was one of the very first new tools I purchased and it has gotten lots of use.  The biscuits help to keep the top surfaces flush.

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I had enough to make two boards.  I still have the second one just like this somewhere in my shop.

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Decided on walnut for the sides and added a little cherry inlay for additional subtle detail.

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Made up this profile on the fly.

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Handcrafted by Ed Burnett - I attempt to stamp all of my projects.

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Here you see the complete chess set.  I wish I had taken some pictures of the turning process.  This was my first experience with a lathe - 32 chess pieces.

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The solid cherry drawer accommodates all of the chess pieces.  I suppose there would be room for checker pieces too.

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