Large Bar

What a nice bar, finished in red oak with black walnut recessed panels - I like the combination of these two hardwoods.  The bar top is 3/4 inch tongue and groove solid oak flooring.  I made all 48 feet of bar railing myself, secured them with screws and then plugged the holes with walnut dowels.

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This bar turned into the focal point in my Sister and Brother in law's basement remodel.  Jason wanted a bar in his rec room, so he stick framed it, covered it with OSB, and used leftover flooring from the first floor as the bar top.

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With the hard work of myself and my Father in law, the three of us finished this bar in about two weeks of our spare time.

We were there so much, we even had breakfast one morning.  Tracy made us eggs benedict, which is one of those things that I thought you couldn't get at home, but I digress.

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This was the first large scale project that I did, and I think it turned out pretty well.

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Here is a pre finished perspective of the back bar area.  I made all the bar rail myself, and I decided to install it along the front side as well as along the back side of the bar.

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One of the two columns I made to conceal the steel support poles.

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It always looks different before the finish coat is applied.

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The only thing missing here is an ICE COLD BEER!!!

You can't see it from this picture, but we installed rope lights under the front edge of the bar, which nicely illuminates the walnut panels below.

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Standing room only on the far side of the bar.  Bar stools here would be too tight for the hallway to the back rooms of the basement.

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The counter top behind the bar is made from a demolished bowling alley.  We ripped the 12 foot section to make the width for this work area.  You wouldn't believe how many nails are used to make a bowling alley.  We burned through three saws all blades to cut it down to size.

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I created this wine glass holder as an after thought.

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Overall, this piece is 8 feet long.

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Just one glass per spot.  Notice the rope lighting installed in this piece.  The extra holes drilled between each wine glass was made to allow more light to shine through.

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