Oak Mantle

Designed by Ed's Woodwork, LLC - Pleasant Prairie, WI

A beautiful marble stone fireplace, but it needs something.  At the request of my clients, I attempted to come up with a solution.

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Since the fireplace is so grand, I decided that the mantle piece needs to be quite large.  This is the beginnings of a 10 foot long mantle.

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Solid oak raised panel construction with small raised panels on the ends.

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I use pocket holes whenever possible.  My Kregg Pocket Hole Jig comes in very handy - the joint is so strong that I don't even use glue in most cases.  This allows me the flexibility to "undo" a joint whenever necessary.

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I think that the mantle adds quite a lot of character to this fireplace.

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These solid oak corbels are supporting the entire mantle.  I mounted them into the wall space behind the oak boards.

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Overall, it turned out pretty nice.

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