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A friend and co-worker asked me to build this for his basement remodel in Palatine, IL.  Start to finish this project took about three weeks and I installed it four days before my second son was born.

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Rough sawn black walnut piled outside my workshop.  I ended up needing a few more pieces for the raised panel doors, but this is the starting pile.

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Four sheets of 3/4 inch veneer core walnut plywood, and four sheets of 1/2 inch MDF core made all the case work.  All this plywood is cabinet grade A1 ply.

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All that plywood cut and assembled.  I staged this project in my basement just outside of my workshop.  My ceiling was just barely high enough.

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I needed a pair of fluted columns for this project.  They were intended to serve two purposes - one for looks, and two, my design involved hiding some stuff behind this unit.  Paul had a steel pole and a four inch PVC radon exhaust pipe that we needed to build around.  The installation pictures below show what I mean.

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The Grizzly 12" jointer with a helical spiral cutter head that I recently purchased made easy work of truing this rough lumber for the columns.

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I decided that three flutes should be cut into the columns.  The flute cutting jig that I made for this project can be seen toward the background of this picture.  A Porter Cable router with a one inch core box bit did a great job at cutting these flutes.

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The inspection team has arrived.  See what I mean, a baby is a comin'.

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Here is the beginnings of eight doors.  Rails and styles are pretty easy - thank goodness I didn't need to make any drawers.

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Once again, my monster jointer saved me lots of time with these raised panel blanks.  By the way, that spiral cutterhead is well worth the expense.  It is much quieter than the four knife set up and figured hardwoods never tear out.

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When doing solid raised panel doors, I always finish the center panels before gluing them up.  This is done because of seasonal wood movement.

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Notice that it's dark outside.  Time was really of the essence with this project since we had a baby on the way, I knew that I had to complete it before the birthday or else Paul would have to wait.

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Here you can see the obstacles I had to build around.  These are the types of projects that I really love.  This person had a need for a nice piece for his recreation room, but where could he go and buy something "off the shelf" that would have worked?  It had to be CUSTOM!

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We were able to access the space behind the entertainment center, so his electrician located the electrical receptacles for the components here.  All we had to do was feed the cords through and plug 'em in.

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Hello Paul.

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My father helped me with the install on this day, and overall, it took a while, but went very well.  The columns are going to hide everything perfectly.

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The finished product looks very nice now that the crown molding is hung and the carpet is laid.

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At seven feet tall and ten feet wide, this unit probably weighs a ton - well maybe half a ton anyway.

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The focus of this piece definitely has to be the columns.

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